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Hemp Capsules | Daily Support | Full Spectrum


Hate the taste of tinctures or dealing with measuring drops? Our hemp capsules offer a convenient way to ingest a powerful dose of hemp extract.

  • 2000mg hemp extract/bottle
  • 33mg hemp extract/capsule
  • 60 capsules/bottle
  • American hemp
  • Lab tested
  • Contains coconut

60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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Our hemp capsules are made with high-end full spectrum extracts and coconut oil. This popular formula is just like our Daily Support tincture and provides the same whole plant benefits in a 33-milligram dose. Full spectrum hemp oil is known for harnessing the power of the entourage effect, the phenomenon of hemp compounds working more effectively when consumed with other hemp compounds.


Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Gelatin




2000 MG HEMP





Hemp softgel capsules come in precise doses and are easy to take with you on the go. The capsules provide an alternative for those who do not like the taste or delivery method of traditional hemp tinctures.

Because there are several ways to ingest hemp compounds, which result in different experiences, we encourage people to experiment with the various forms of hemp products. Like edibles, hemp capsules take longer to take effect, but the results tend to last longer. For this reason, capsules may be better for persistent issues.

There are subtle differences between hemp tinctures and capsules. As mentioned, hemp capsules are consumed by swallowing, whereas our hemp tinctures are taken sublingually. The overall impact on your wellness is the same but varies in terms of length. Capsules are easy to transport, too, so many opt for the softgels simply due to the convenience factor. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference.

The method by which you consume or administer compound products can affect their bioavailability, which is how much of a substance enters the bloodstream in a given amount of time.

For example, vaporizing or sublingual consumption are great ways to ingest hemp compounds, as they offer high bioavailability, meaning they will enter the bloodstream at a faster rate with short-lasting effects. On the other hand, oral consumption via capsules or edibles will enter the bloodstream at a slower rate with longer-lasting effects. Topicals offer the lowest bioavailability, as they are absorbed through the skin.

Understanding bioavailability can help you determine how much of a product you need to take, and in what form, to ensure a proper dose actually ends up in your system.

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  1. Verified Buyer

    Charles C.
    Consistent Excellence
    Always the correct order, on time and safely shipped – these guys are the best!! Will continue to order from them each and every time!

  2. Verified Buyer

    Pamela R.
    I am taking 1 capsule/day at night to aid in sleep. I often wake with pain in hips and knees, so I don’t get a full nights sleep, After using the hemp Softgels, I am able to sleep through the night.

  3. Verified Buyer

    Robert B.
    All good!
    Great pricing for Vets! Fine quality, arrives timely.

  4. Verified Buyer

    Ishmael C.
    Convenient for traveling
    I have been using the hemp Softgels for a month. They do help my pain level. I prefer the hemp tincture 2000mg but the convenience of having this in a softgel works well for when I travel.

  5. Verified Buyer

    Gwen K.
    I received these and must confess that they didn’t do anything for me. I also bought a variety of the other softgels. I prefer the gummy’s of which I did try their PM ones and they were satisfactory.

  6. Verified Buyer

    Herbert H.
    I’ve tried several hemp products and I like the softgels best. Delivery was very fast

  7. Verified Buyer

    I take it everyday like a multi vitamin 🙂 I love it

  8. Verified Buyer

    Tiffany T.
    It helps my everyday PTSD pain so well.

  9. Verified Buyer

    Virginia B.
    I prefer natural form and I have learned so much about hemp. Its better than pharmaceuticals drugs.

  10. Verified Buyer

    Alice Y.
    Great softgels…took away my hip pain within 30 minutes. I will order them again..also the price is right. Thanks

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Why Choose Extract Labs?

What sets us apart from other hemp companies is that we’re not only a brand, we’re also a cGMP lab. Owning and operating every aspect of the manufacturing process from plant to product brings a high level of pride, quality, and ownership. Many of our product lines feature a variety of minor hemp compounds that are used in recipes formulated to promote consumer wellness. Reading through our customer reviews and social media posts, one hears the stories of hardship and healing. These stories serve to remind us of our founder’s original intent, and what animates us toward a shared vision of plant-based wellness accessible to all.