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A picture of a hemp soft gel capsule

Hemp Capsules for Relief

Hemp research has revealed the compound as a potential pain fighter due to its ability to temper discomfort. An array of people may find benefits in using hemp softgels for relief, whether you have everyday general discomforts or want to seek relief from an active lifestyle.

They may be a healthier option than traditional pain medications that can be hard on the organs over long-term use. But before we get into the nuts and bolts of why hemp compounds may ease discomfort, let’s look at why people prefer softgels to other forms of hemp. 

Hemp Capsule Benefits

Unlike hard-shell capsules that hold a powdered formula or traditional hard-packed pills, tincture-filled capsules are a liquid, which is why they are also known as softgels or liquid gels. We inject hemp softgels with the same formulas found in our tinctures. The only difference is they come wrapped in a gel coating for instant swallowing.

  • Capsules are tasteless. There is no need to hold the oil under the tongue for 30 seconds or more. For this reason, capsules offer an alternative for people who may dislike the natural flavor of hemp extracts.
  • Capsules are pre-dosed. You will always know how much hemp you are consuming per serving based on the details on the jar. While droppers are also accurate, exact measurements are difficult to achieve. 
  • Softgels are travel-friendly. You don’t have to worry about any spilling oil or melting and the small bottle fits nicely in a bag. 
  • While hemp tinctures absorb into the bloodstream quicker than a softgel, capsules contain a higher bioavailability than hard over-the-counter pills. 
  • Like treats, hemp capsule effects often last longer than other hemp consumption methods. 
  • Softgels are also a very discrete method of ingesting hemp. There is no inhalation or combustion.  
A picture of ingesting a hemp soft gel capsule

How To Take Hemp Capsules

Taking hemp softgels with water is the most comfortable way to ingest capsules. The gelatin casing is a little sticky, so swallowing the softgels without liquid could cause them to get stuck in the esophagus. 

Each of our formulas contains 30 to 65 milligrams of hemp per capsule. A person’s weight, height, tolerance, and why they’re taking hemp influences the dosage size. We suggest starting with one to two capsules then build-up or scale back from there depending on how your body responds to the compounds.

Hemp Capsules For Relief

Hemp and its other compounds interact with our natural internal system, which influences functions, including mood, sleep, pain response, appetite, and other biological purposes. The ECS is why it’s believed hemp influences pain, how we respond to it, and how it reduces inflammation. 

Thus far, research surrounding hemp for pain has been promising, even though available data is limited and typically from short-term studies.

In a collective review of hemp studies spanning from the 70s to 2018, researchers compared and contrasted all the available data. 

The review mentions various animal studies that showed hemp compounds are as effective for neuropathic, inflammatory, and perceived pain. (In humans, the compounds were not equally effective against all three types of pain.)

Hemp Capsule Side Effects

Softgel side effects are no different than side effects from other forms of hemp. People tolerate  hemp compounds well, and any unwanted results are usually mild. Side effects include drowsiness, dry mouth, nausea, or mild stomach issues. People who take other medications should be aware that hemp may interfere with how certain drugs metabolize. Although, at lower doses, this shouldn’t be an issue, according to a Marie Claire article

Short-term effects should go away fairly quickly, but what happens if you take hemp every day? Many people do not experience instant results. Many suggest taking hemp for at least a month to gauge its effectiveness. According to the review mentioned earlier, studies show that hemp compounds are also tolerable in the long term. 

Are hemp Capsules Better for Relief Than Other Forms of hemp?

Hemp may help alleviate pain no matter the form—tincture, softgel, treat, tank, or topical. The desired onset and strength of the effects can help steer a person’s choice in what format is best for them. Type of relief can also influence a person’s selection. 

Capsules work similarly to treats, so the onset will be a bit slower since the compounds must go through the GI tract before being absorbed in the blood. (Even though a softgel takes longer to take effect, it is not a time-release hemp pill.) But treats and capsule effects tend to last longer. For this reason, capsules may be better for chronic pain, according to the leading hemp platform Project Hemp.