Answers to common hemp and order-related questions.


These hemp compounds are produced by cannabis plants that interact with receptors in the body and brain. The most prevalent compound found in hemp is cannabidiol, but new compounds continue to surface in the cannabis industry as research evolves.

So far, over 100 different cannabinoids have been uncovered, each presumably with its own purpose.

Think of what a fresh, woody pine tree smells like. Now lavender. Those potent aromas come from compounds known as terpenes. They are what give plants their unique fragrance and character. There are over 100 different terpenes in cannabis. Today, it is thought that terpenes may also contribute to the plant’s effects.*

All our products fall under three different categories—full spectrum, broad spectrum or isolate. Each describes what cannabinoids are included or excluded in the product. 

Full Spectrum

hemp is the dominant compound in hemp, but most strains include a small amount of other major cannabinoids. Full spectrum refers to the inclusion of THC in an extract, even at this limited amount. The addition of other cannabinoids is thought to boost the overall effectiveness of an extract by a phenomenon known as the entourage effect. 

Broad Spectrum 

Like full spectrum oils, broad spectrum extracts include a blend of the plant’s naturally occurring cannabinoids. Some people may prefer broad spectrum products because they want to avoid certain psychoactive hemp compounds as a personal preference.


These singular compounds are exactly what they sound like, an isolated cannabinoid that is 99 percent pure. Isolates come in powder form. People may prefer isolates due to their tastelessness, versatility, measurability and texture. 

Bioavailability refers to the degree and rate an active ingredient, in our case hemp compounds, absorb into the bloodstream. These compounds are fat-soluble, meaning they dissolve in fat, not water. Our bodies are over 60 percent water, so we resist hemp compound absorption to a degree. The bioavailability of smoke and vape products is around 40 percent. Sublingual, under the tongue, tincture applications and edibles range from 10 to 20 percent. *

Absorbed cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system, a signaling network in the body and brain that is thought to be involved with regulating mood, pain, appetite, and memory.

Everyone is different, so there is no straight answer. We cannot guarantee you will pass a drug test while using our products. People who are concerned about failing a test should consider hemp isolates or broad spectrum formulas. However, there is a possibility even broad spectrum oils contain an immeasurable amount of THC within 0.3 percent. We cannot be held responsible if a test comes back with positive or false-positive results.


What sets our company apart is the quality, potency, and price of our products.  We work closely with local farmers who grow carefully selected, high-end American hemp. From there, each step of the process—extraction, distillation, isolation, chromatography, formulation, packaging and shipping—is done in-house out of our facilities in Lafayette, Colorado.

Our extracts are free of pesticides and heavy metals, and we never use artificial colors, preservatives, or fillers. Our dedication to quality and customer service shines through our products and programs.  To provide a worry-free customer experience, we also offer a 50 percent off discount program and a 60-day money back guarantee.

You can work with us if you are a retailer or independent promoter with our wholesale and affiliate programs. For wholesale, register online by filling out the form and a sales agent will approve your account.

Affiliates make 15 percent commission on each sale. To become an affiliate, create an account on our website to receive a personal link or coupon code to share with your audience. Any orders placed through your network will accumulate in our system.

We offer 50 percent off through our discount program to military, first responders, teachers, healthcare workers, as well as those on disability or low-income status. To apply, register online and attach your qualifying documents. Applications are usually approved within a few hours but may take up to 24 hours to process.


Our products are made with CO2-extracted oils, one of the cleanest extraction methods available. Each formula is made with natural, high-quality ingredients—no fillers. Though not required for hemp companies, we comply with the Food and Drug Administration’s Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations for food manufacturers, and we are OU Kosher certified, Halal and vegan.

Tinctures and softgels are commonly used cannabinoid products. Tinctures are taken sublingually, under the tongue, or can be mixed in with food and drinks. Capsules are a suitable option for those who do not like the natural flavor of an extract or prefer a traditional ingestion method. 

A concentrate contains high levels of a specific hemp  compound. Concentrates are typically vaporized, smoked or dabbed. Smoking and vaping results in a quicker onset, making them more suited for those who have tried other hemp products. In addition to various cartridges, we offer crumble (made from broad spectrum oil) and sauce (made with full spectrum oil and terpenes) concentrates. 

Topicals are applied directly on the skin, making them useful for those who have a specific trouble area they want to target. Some people choose to use hemp creams or lotions in their daily skincare routines, while others prefer them for muscles or joints.*

Both distillates and isolates are versatile forms of hemp that can be easily mixed with other ingredients. Distillates are an oil and isolates are a powder. Both are considered raw hemp materials that can be used in similar ways such as formulating, ingesting, vaporizing, or using topically.

Yes, all of our extracts are tested to ensure there are no residual solvents. We also measure the percentages and milligram amounts of 18 different cannabinoids on each extract’s certificate of analysis. Customers can find a product’s COA on our online database by searching the batch number located on the packaging.

Microbial and mycotoxin test results are included on COAs for tinctures, topicals, gummies and softgels.


We are not able to modify an order once it has been placed, but we are happy to cancel an order before it is processed. Once an order leaves our facility, we are unable to issue a refund, cancel the shipment, change the contents, or update the shipping address until the original package has come back to us.

You can cancel your order any time before receiving a shipping confirmation. Please reach out to our customer service department for assistance.

Open your package immediately upon delivery to verify the contents of your order. If you are missing items, please contact us within 3 days.  After 3 days, we are unable to verify an item is missing and send a replacement.

For domestic shipping issues, customers must reach out within 7-14 days of the last scan. International customers must reach out within 2 months of the last scan. Past this timeframe, we are unable to identify transit issues and reship a replacement package.

We are happy to accept returns for a refund within 7 days of delivery. We do not refund shipping costs or cover return costs. Products must be returned unopened and in their original condition. Once a return is received and quality checked, we will reach out via email to confirm a refund.


We offer 2–4 day delivery with USPS Priority mail, or 1–3 day expedited shipping with USPS Express. USPS does not guarantee delivery times. We are not liable for any delays in shipments.

We are happy to offer free shipping for orders $75 or more through USPS Priority Mail only. If you prefer expedited USPS Priority Express Mail for a $75+ order, then you are responsible for the shipping cost. For orders under $75, rates are calculated by service (Priority or Express), delivery location, weight and package size. 

Please note: Between May through October, additional summer shipping rates are active for products that melt including chocolates, muscle creams, face creams, and D8 gummies. Orders containing these products will incur a $5 surcharge at checkout to cover the cost of ice packs and insulated bubble wrap. This surcharge will only be applied once per order, not for each individual item placed.

All orders containing vape cartridges will be shipped PACT Act compliant, which will require an adult signature (21+) with a photo ID upon delivery. All orders containing vape cartridges will have an $8 fee per order (not per item). This fee reflects what USPS charges to obtain a signature.

We process all orders placed before 7 AM (MST) on the same day, Monday through Friday. All orders placed after 7 AM are processed the next business day.

Note: From May through October, orders containing chocolates or creams placed after 7 AM MST on Thursday ship the following week. 

Our system will automatically send tracking information to your email once your order is fulfilled. Emails may be hidden in your inbox, so be sure to check your spam filter.

We ship all international orders through USPS Priority services at a flat rate of $50 (USD) and free shipping for orders over $200 (USD). Delivery times vary depending on the availability of flights as well as incoming customs inspection times for each country, but our standard times are between 4-6 weeks.

We recommend looking into all local regulations regarding the purchase and importation of hemp when ordering our products internationally. While we can provide a full list of countries we can ship to via USPS, we unfortunately do not hold information regarding individual requirements for each country. We are not liable for regulations, laws, taxes, or fees that can be applied to an order once it has been received by the destined country, nor can we offer guidance on forwarding an order to another country.

Due to the restrictions on importing hemp and hemp products, we cannot ship to Canada at this time.

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